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We Searched for the Greatest Shrubs Ever!

We love it when we discover a truly amazing shrub – and we found breeders that grow the most outstanding shrubs we have ever seen. They are known for introducing some of the best and most unique plants in the business, and they continue to deliver year after year.

We believe these astounding up-and-comers represent the latest fashion in shrubbery.

True quality, grown in Canada. (more…)

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Peter’s Picks Definitely Make a Lasting Impression


Peter’s Best Grass Ever!
“My wife and I were strolling through Niagara-on-the-Lake in Southern Ontario when there in the front yard of a shop was the most elegant ornamental grass I’d ever seen. It was graceful and arching with brilliant yellow leaves with green stripes. I had to have it for our President’s Choice® collection,” says our Garden Centre Guru, Peter Cantley, about Hakonechloa macra Aureola – which happens to be the Perennial Plant Association’s 2009 Perennial Plant of the Year. Come autumn, the leaves become infused with pinks and reds.


Big red devil
Talk about an impressive bloom – it measures a whopping 2 to 3 inches wide and over 8 inches long! At first the plumes of the President’s Choice® Pennisetum Red Head look like burgundy foxtails. Come September, they explode into huge purple bottle brushes and the foliage turns golden. Brings colour and texture to your garden. Grows 3 to 4 feet high.


Beautiful backyard blueberries
We think the Chippewa is one of prettiest blueberry bushes ever – it’s certainly one of the hardiest! Our President’s Choice® Chippewa Blueberry Bush is very easy to grow and at 3 to 4 feet tall, it will surprise you with a bounty of blueberries come mid season. Blueberries ripen over a 2 to 5 week period during July and August. Leave them on the bush a few days after they appear to be ripe for the best flavour.

Canada’s been growing hybrid clematis for generations, but we think the introduction of our President’s Choice® Clematis Collection in 1993 sparked a clematis renaissance. They were so well received by Canadian gardeners that we asked Raymond Evison, the world-renowned breeder behind our collection, to bring us two new offerings for the 25th anniversary of our President’s Choice® brand.


Blooming “clematis bush”
Our new President’s Choice® BourbonTM Clematis is more bush-like than clematis that grow up and up. With a maximum height of only 3 to 4 feet, it’s suitable for more locations. A spring bloomer, it offers dramatic six-inch flowers of two-tone red. Great in a container or planted with variegated shrubs.


All hail the Empress™!
You’ll bow to the beauty of this early flowering double cultivar. Pink with an exotic spiky pom-pom centre, it blooms late spring and again in early fall. From the same series as the BourbonTM, it’s more bush-like and controlled than traditional clematis, growing to about 4 feet.


Jump start!
No waiting here! The clematis in our outstanding new Boulevard® Collection are already in glorious full flower, climbing up the trellis in their pots. It’s instant colour for the patio, deck or balcony! You just plop them down on your patio and presto, let the garden party begin. We have six varieties, each on a 2 foot tall trellis.

From our 1997 Insider’s Report®

From our 1997 Insider’s Report®

Blast from the Past:
Thank Raymond Evison, clematis breeder extraordinaire from the Channel Islands, for our bestselling President’s Choice® Clematis Collection – he helped us create it back in 1993. Raymond is a world-renowned clematis specialist who’s won truckloads of awards.

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Perennials that will make your neighbours jealous!

Just like when we’re looking for new food products, we search the world for the hottest perennials – then we have them grown for us by great growers here in Canada! That’s why you get perennials you often can’t find elsewhere.  And the prices? They’re pretty hot, too!


Not your average lily!
This oriental lily just hit the scene. We love the intense pinkish red and the bright white edging of our President’s Choice® After Eight. You get lots of big blooms on strong stems. And lots of lilies have leaves that turn yellow, but not this one. It’s green all the way up. Offers a lovely fragrance and practically takes care of itself. Up to 20 inches high.


Pom pom cheerleader
Here’s the cousin to last year’s hit, the President’s Choice® Echinacea Pink Double Delight – new President’s Choice® Echinacea Meringue. We’re simply smitten by this newcomer! Who wouldn’t love the gorgeous pom-poms? Multiple flower stems mean a fuller look. Tons of blooms from June to October. Up to 18 inches tall.


Perfect peach
This one just keeps on giving. In spring the President’s Choice® Heuchera Georgia Peach offers huge peach-coloured leaves covered by a soft veil of white. Come midsummer you get a bouquet of pinkish-white flowers. Then in fall the peach transforms to a lovely rose purple, staying that way all winter.  This really is a “wow”, folks. Grows about 14 inches high.


Glows like stained glass
“I planted our new President’s Choice® Hosta Stained Glass in my garden to try it out and the vibrant foliage glowed like iridescent green glass all summer long,” says Peter Cantley, our Garden Centre guru. Offers large pale and fragrant lavender flowers in July and grows 14 to 16 inches high.


Oops, we ran out last year – better hurry!
It’s so beautiful, we had to feature our President’s Choice® Echinacea Pink Double Delight on the cover of last year’s Insider’s Report®. And it was such a hit that some locations sold out in hours. A great example of the new varieties of Echinacea, it bears loads of amazing pink blooms from July to September and grows to 2 feet. We think we have enough this year, but you’d better hurry!

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PC® Gigantico® Hanging Baskets – Where Big Meets Beautiful!


Impossible to count the number of blooms
What could be prettier than the tiny petunia-like blooms of our President’s Choice® Calibrachoa® spilling over the sides of a hanging basket? We have so many colours you can match most colour themes. Whatever you choose, you get a bounty of  blooms and tons of vibrant colour on a well-branched plant.


Jumpin’ geranium
We have the Canada-wide exclusive on President’s Choice® Gigantico® Tex Mex Fire™ – an explosive geranium with colour that will blow you away. A bi-coloured bloom of fiery red and hot pink, it glows with bright colour all summer long. Available in single pots and hanging baskets.

Designer colour combos
Janet Rosenberg, landscape architect extraordinaire, creates our President’s Choice® Gigantico® Jumbo Hanging Baskets. She chooses the plants for each of our colour-coordinated varieties, then watches them for an entire season to ensure they grow well together. At only 2/$45, they’re an outstanding value. And keep in mind that the big pot sizes take the summer heat better!


Crazy for Calibrachoa®!
Talk about vibrant summer colour!  We’re offering four different varieties of our President’s Choice® Calibrachoa® in one hanging basket!


Sundance special
Bursting with the vibrant colours of spring, this beautiful flowering basket tranforms as the season progresses. You’ll be amazed at how you get new and exciting blooms right to the end of the season. Just beautiful on a bright, sunny porch.


Instant Glamour
Our handsome new plant stands are sized perfectly for our President’s Choice® Hanging Baskets. Just snip off the hangers and plunk them in the stand.


Willow Wow!
We’ve had our new President’s Choice® Willow Hanging Basket custom made so that our President’s Choice® plants just slip right in, pot and all. Now that’s easy.

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Our PC® Gigantico® Flowers are so big, you buy less and save!

Last year we introduced President’s Choice® Super Gigantico™ Annuals – plants up to THREE TIMES THE SIZE of regular annuals. We start with varieties that are too robust for our huge President’s Choice® Gigantico® pots, and let them grow their hearts out in even bigger pots.

Our garden season is short – why waste precious time waiting for blooms?! And they’re so big, you just might buy less and save!


Electric blooms!
For dark, shady spots that need brightening, our President’s Choice® Super Gigantico™ Reiger Begonia® is your best bet. It’s so loaded with bright colourful blooms that it looks like you’ve plugged them in. Flowers all season.  Up to 12 inches in height.


Ruby red head
“Here’s a real breakthrough in geranium breeding we discovered at the California Pack Trials – North America’s showcase for new plants,” says George Alkema of Linwell Gardens.

“The President’s Choice® Super Gigantico™ Calliope Spreading Geranium™ spreads as it grows, providing you with an abundance of big dark red flowers and a huge bud count. It’s super dense so it looks great in a planter.”

Grows up to 14 inches high and 20 inches wide.


Lemon zest is best
What a big, bright, lovely flower! Our President’s Choice® Super Gigantico™ Delicious Dahlia Lemon Zest™ is aptly named because it brings some eye-opening zing to the garden. Very free-flowering and you get tons of bright yellow blooms all summer long.

Try it in a planter! Up to 12 inches high.


Purple pizzazz
Solid-coloured petunias are just so last year. Wait till you see how the bright white edging frames the brilliant purple flowers of the new President’s Choice® Gigantico® Fortunia Purple Picotee® – a magical-looking spreading petunia.

So vigorous, you’ll have loads of flowers all summer long. Perfect for a sunny spot and a burst of colour in a planter. Reaches 10 to12 inches high.


Power flower
“We ran to it when we saw this nemesia at the California Pack Trials – it caught our attention from clear across the yard. Nemesia can be a little wimpy, but not this one. It has a great mounding habit and attracts your eye like no nemesia I’ve seen before,” says Judy Thompson of Forest Glen Greenhouses. You really should try our fragrant new President’s Choice® Gigantico® Nemesia Angelart®. At 8 to 10 inches high, it makes excellent edging!


Gadzooks! PC® Gigantico® Gerbera™
This one is so sensational, our growers insisted that it was a must for the Insider’s Report® – and we thought it wise to listen! Gerbera makes an awesome indoor flowering plant, but it’s even better as an annual in your garden. Our new exotic-looking President’s Choice® Gigantico® Gerbera™ with large daisy-like flowers keeps blooming all summer long bringing tons of personality to your garden.

Growing up to 10 inches, it’s great in a planter too.


From our 1994 Insider’s Report®

Blast from the Past
President’s Choice® Gigantico® Annuals. More to love! In 1994, we gave nature a little head start by developing our very first variety of President’s Choice® Gigantico® Annuals. You loved having an instant garden and made President’s Choice® Gigantico® Annuals one of the most successful lines of annuals in Canada. Millions upon millions have been sold and our lineup gets better every year.

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